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Easy Ukrainian Babka Recipe for Easter

This Ukrainian Babka Recipe is actually a slightly sweet bread that often contains raisins and made for Easter Sunday and you can leave it plain or add icing. This babka is one of my very favorite bread recipes.

ukrainian babka bread recipe

Ukrainian Babka Recipe

When I was growing up, my mother talked a lot about growing up in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, in a duplex with her Nana in the apartment below my grandparents. Both of my grandparents were Polish, so even when I was growing up, there was a huge Polish influence when I was with my mother’s family.

Babka means glazed sweet bread made with dried fruit (such as raisins) and it’s traditionally served at Easter or other special holidays. It is an eastern European bread with different variations. My mom grew up with Polish babka which is the shape of traditional bread. Ukrainian Babka Cake (or bread) is tall and cylindrical like an Italian panettone. Also Ukrainian Babka can be iced or left plain.

The easiest way to make this easter bread recipe is by using 2-pound coffee cans with the top rim cut off with a can opener. I made panettone this way and saved my cans. Just make sure there is no paper left on the outside and no coating on the inside. These days a lot of coffee cans look metal but are in fact plastic.