Small-Space Vegetable Gardening

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Get space-saving strategies for turning your small backyard, balcony or windowsill into a flourishing vegetable garden!

Maximize the impact of your small garden with guidance from garden writer and renowned guest speaker Jodi Torpey! Get started by learning where to plant your garden using a sun survey for optimal results. Then, from smart pots to self-watering containers, discover best practices for popular container gardening.

Next, explore the ultimate space-saving option — vertical gardens — and build a simple tepee trellis while exploring the endless possibilities that hanging planters provide!

Next, whether your space is in full sun or constant shade, learn which plants work best in each environment and find out how to properly care for them. Plus, create free fertilizer from kitchen scraps, get tricks for attracting pollinators and preventing pests, and even learn how to successfully grow herbs indoors!


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Lesson plan

Lesson 1. Your Space
Lesson 2. Container Planting
Lesson 3. Maximizing Your Small Space
Lesson 4. Vegetables for Sunny Spots
Lesson 5. Vegetables for Shady Spots
Lesson 6. Healthy Gardens in Small Spaces
Lesson 7. Growing Indoors

Reviews of Vegetable Gardening: Innovative Small-Space Solutions

“This class is so full of delicious techniques and tidbits — I can hardly wait to get started on my own little garden!”
– Summer W / North Carolina

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  1. Well – it just so happened that today I went to Home Depot to buy some of their mulch that they have on sale and I spied tomato plants on sale as well. Now… I am NOT a gardener. I generally see pretty plants and buy them…plant them…then forget to water them. But, I couldn’t resist the tomato plants. So I bought a huge container, some potting soil and will put them in the front yard — right outside my front door so I can see them every day as I come and go. Maybe this way I’ll remember to water them.

    Wish me luck!

    Eydie 🙂

    1. That’s great Eydie! I am NOT a green thumb like my mom was, but I like to try. We’ve also always had bad soil in our backyard – until now. We got rid of that pesky pine tree that prevented us from having a nice backyard. Now comes the task of turning the soil, but hopefully I can finally get some real plants going in the backyard.

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