Essential Oil Wasp Repellent Candle

There are many essential oils that are effective in repelling wasps and other insects, which keeps our families and pets safe from toxic chemicals. This Essential Oil Wasp Repellent Candle is an amazing wasp repellent idea!

essential oil wasp repellent candle

It’s so nice being outside this time of year, especially in New England when our summers tend to be very short. But one problem is the bugs that come around the minute we step outside!

I try to spray Natural Homemade Insect Repellent on my kids when they are spending time outside but who wants to do that when you are just sitting outside to read or eat on the deck?

child sitting on deck

Wasps are very common everywhere in the world and they are attracted to food and drinks and smells that are all around in the summertime. Learn the best Natural Wasp Repellent Tips to keep them away without harming them or our delicate ecosystem!

wasp on wood

Why Do Wasps Sting?

Wasps sting to defend themselves. If a female wasp feels her home is under attack or threatened she will protect the wasp nest and sting. Wasps also simply get annoyed. The constant waving of arms and newspapers while trying to get rid of a wasp can make it very annoyed and feel threatened.

Why Use wasp repellent instead of wasp killer?

Wasps are beneficial to get rid of other crop-killing insects so farmers actually prefer not to kill the wasps. That’s why natural wasp repellent is crucial.

They protect our crops, make ecosystems thrive, sustain fruit and flowers, and help us fight disease – they may be a nuisance on a sunny afternoon – but a world without wasps would be an ecological and economic disaster.

This Essential Oil Wasp Repellent Candle are so easy to light when needed and extinguish when you go back inside! They are so pretty and you can use any herbs you like, but for wasps, the The Best Wasp Repellent Plants are rosemary and thyme so I used those.

I also added some Bug Off! essential oil as an extra insurance that this wasp repellent candle would be good and smelly, in the best sense.

Are you a green thumb? I am not but I always try to grow some herbs on my deck in containers. I’ve had luck with basil before my cats ate it all!

growing herbs indoors

Here is a great list of herbs to grow that will also help repel the bugs.

  • Mint, Rosemary, lemon thyme – repels mosquitos
  • Bay Leaves- repels flies
  • Lavender- repels moths, fleas, mosquitos
  • Basil- repels flies and mosquitos

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If you are a jar hoarder like me, you can use your recycled jars for your candles! I can’t resist saving jars to store my legumes and flours to keep away pantry bugs.

essential oil herb candles

Effective Essential Oil Wasp Repellent Candle

I pressed my herbs in a heavy book before using and attached them to the sides of the jars using wax. If the herbs are in the middle of the jar they will burn.

1 lb soy wax (can also use 1/2 soy and 1/2 beeswax!)
#2 medium candle wick with metal tabs
Essential oils like cedarwood, citronella, lavender, thyme, rosemary, eucalyptus and geranium
Pressed rosemary and thyme sprigs
recycled jars


  1. Cut the rosemary and thyme sprigs so they are below the rim of jar or where you are filling your wax.
  2. If you are already using pressed herbs, you only will need between 100-150 drops of essential oil per pound of wax.
  3. I used a real double boiler, but you can create your own using a saucepan with 1-2″ of water and a metal container sitting in it to melt the wax. Once some of the wax melts, use it to attach the herbs to the sides of the jars.
  4. Allow the wax to melt completely, then pour into your jars. I wrapped my wick around a pencil and let it sit on top of the jar to keep it centered.
  5. Make sure to poke a few holes in the sides when the wax is melting using a pin or needle to let the air escape or the wax on top may crack! That happened to me. Ugh
herb candles

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