Best Wasp Repellent Plants

Here are the best wasp repellent plants to include in your landscaping that are gorgeous and also keep those nasty wasps away without toxic chemicals.

There are quite a few aromatic plants that will repel wasps because of their aroma or because other insects that wasps feed on are deterred. 

Wormwood contains absinthe, a substance that is toxic to insects. Its pungent scent alerts bees and wasps of the potential danger so they usually stay away. 

Spearmint is one of the most known plants that repels almost any insect and bug including wasps. The reason behind this is because mint vapors a strong scent which is not appreciated by the wasps. 

Thyme is a perennial that pretty much grows itself and one of the best wasp deterrent plants. In fact, the more you fuss with it, the less hardy it will be. 

Lemongrass has natural insecticidal properties which causes it to repel mosquitoes and wasps, who hate the smell.

Wasps don’t enjoy the smell of marigolds, therefore they don’t come near them. Marigold are also beneficial in keeping other insects away like mosquitos. 

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