Natural Wasp Repellent Tips

Find out the best natural wasp repellent and natural pest control today and keep those flying insects away!

It’s usually best NOT to kill the wasps but send them off in a different direction from your home. They are beneficial to get rid of other crop-killing insects

There are things you can do to keep them away.

– Remove food source – Move cowbird feeders away from your home to the trees in your yard. – Do not leave pet food outside. – Hang a fake wasp nest from the eaves or porch roofs of your house.

Make a Essential Oil Spray

1/4 ounce of lavender oil 1/2 ounce citronella oil 1/8 ounce pennyroyal oil 1/8 ounce eucalyptus oil 1/8 ounce tea tree oil  1/8 ounce jojoba oil

Mix together. To apply to skin mix with sixteen ounces of jojoba oil. If you want to use it as a wasp repellent spray, then replace jojoba oil with the same amount of vodka. 

 With kids and pets, this may be your best line of defense in natural repellents. 

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