What Do Pantry Bugs Look Like?

Would you know pantry bugs if you saw them? Here are some detailed pantry bugs pictures so you can identify them if they happen to be in your home. Most of us don’t even know what pantry bugs look like anyway!

Do you know if you have pantry bugs? What do they look like in a bag of flour or rice?

What Do Pantry Bugs Do?

It’s hard to know what pantry bugs look like, since they are very small to the naked eye. They usually look like little specs of dirt until you look closely.

pantry bugs in flour

We had pantry bugs a few months ago and they are so nasty. The best way to get rid of them is to vacuum them up and then spray pantry bug repellent in the cabinet to keep them from creating another infestation.

You will need to go through your entire cabinet of grains and throw out those that are infested. I have invested in these amazing OXO containers that keep my grains and legumes airtight and it keeps all bugs out. It also makes my pantry look so nice and organized! I am NOT an organized person but having my cabinet look so clutter-free makes me happy.

Oxo containers in the pantry help keep bugs away.

How Did I Get Flour Bugs?

According to Orkin.com, pantry bugs (or flour beetles) “feed on the broken bits and dust from grain that collect in bags of grains, flour, cereal, and pasta. The pests usually get inside packaging at warehouses or grocery stores and are then brought into homes inside these infested products.”

Once the bugs are in your home, they can spread to other grain items and infest everything.

storing rice in jar to prevent pantry bugs

What do pantry bugs look like?

Confused flour beetles are dark, almost black – they have six legs and long bodies and they measure between 3 and 6 mm in length.

Red flour beetles have a more reddish color but similar in size, and are able to fly short distances. Yikes!

Grain weevils have long bodies and eight legs and brown color. They can chew through plastic and let themselves into your home.

what are pantry bugs infographic

How do we keep pantry bugs away?

There are other ways to keep the pantry bugs away. Start reading about pantry bugs here and you will find out everything you need to know to keep them away.

What are Pantry Bugs?

what are pantry bugs

Here’s a video you should watch to know what to look for in your pantry!

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