20 Fun Winter Activities for Kids Plus Free Printable Calendar

The holidays have passed and winter is settling in and you might find your kids getting a bit unruly with cabin fever. Kids by nature need to be stimulated and kept busy each day but it's hard when the weather isn't great. Here is a list of 20 Fun Winter Activities for Kids to keep your kids busy and make memories during these darker days of the year!

20 Fun Winter Activities for Kids to keep them busy and happy!

20 Fun Winter Activities for Kids

I am a cold-weather person in my soul. I don't mind the cold and love this time of year when I can hunker down with books and projects and some yummy warm coffee. But the kids are not so happy to sit for long periods of time. They need things to do...they need interaction with me and others...and they need fun and laughter to feed their souls.

Read on for the list of 20 Fun Winter Activities for Kids and then print it out and keep it up as a reminder checklist this season!

20 Fun Winter Activities for Kids

  1. Go skating - roller skating or ice skating
  2. Build a fort with blankets, flashlights and pillows
  3. Make movie necklaces with candy and pretzels and have a movie marathon
  4. Play board games
  5. Visit a maple syrup farm and see how it's made
  6. DIY snow globe

  7. Make homemade snow globes
  8. Create paper snowflakes and decorate the windows
  9. Make winter bird feeders with toilet paper tubes
  10. Make frozen water balloons and do ice bowling outside
  11. Make snow cones from snow
  12. Build a snow fort outside
  13. Sock Snowman

  14. Make snowmen out of unwanted socks
  15. Make your own sparkly snowflake playdough
  16. Sew a paper plate snowman
  17. Create a log cabin with popsicle sticks
  18. Start an indoor garden
  19. Make hot chocolate spoons
  20. Create a marble run
  21. Read some books about penguins

  22. Make s’mores indoors
  23. Create melted crayon art
  24. Make beaded bookmarks

Printable Winter Calendar of Activities for Kids

Here is a printable winter calendar of January, February and March to write down when you will do all of your winter activities for kids!

blog winter calendar 2018 january
blog winter calendar 2018 february
blog winter calendar 2018 march

Click here to download the calendar!

20 Fun Winter Activities for Kids

Fun Activities for Kids at Home
Fun Activities for Kids at Home

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