15 Home Remedies for Dandruff

Do you suffer from dandruff? Natural home remedies for dandruff are so much better for one’s body than medication and medical shampoos. Natural home remedies are more gentle on the body.

15 home remedies for dandruff

Whether you are a dandruff sufferer or not, we all know that a diet rich in colorful fruit and vegetables is always good to you. It is one of the foremost home remedies for dandruff.

Many of these foods are rich in minerals and B vitamins and a deficiency of both of these nutrients can aggravate a dandruff problem. You should include a good portion of leafy green vegetables, potatoes, bananas, red chili peppers and lentils in your diet as all of these are a rich source of different minerals and vitamin B. variants.

Inefficient metabolism of fatty acids and carbohydrates contributes to dandruff, so increasing B vitamins in your diet helps relieve dandruff.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Dandruff

Natural dandruff solutions

There are some anti-dandruff shampoos that are based on natural or relatively natural substances that you might want to consider using as an alternative to those that contain potentially damaging chemicals.

Tea Tree Oil for Dandruff
Tea tree oil or Melaleuca oil is taken from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree that is found on the north-east coast of New South Wales in Australia. It is a natural antibacterial, antiseptic, germicidal and fungicidal oil that had been used for hundreds of years as a medicinal treatment for a huge range of medical conditions by the native peoples of Australia.

According to this study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, tea tree oil has anti-fungal properties may be useful in the treatment of dandruff when used in a 5% concentration.

Although for many people to tree oil shampoo is effective, it can be even more so if the oil is applied directly to the scalp, particularly if your dandruff is of the more serious or severe variety.

You can apply the oil several times a week by gently massaging it into your head and then leaving it on your hair for 30 minutes to one hour if at all possible. This is one of the best home remedies for dandruff!

Alternatively, buy the mildest non-medicated shampoo you can find (for example, baby oil), and mix the tea tree oil into shampoo, using around 10 drops of oil for every eight fluid ounces of shampoo in the bottle.
Use this natural antidandruff shampoo in exactly the same way that you would use ordinary shampoo, and you should see your dandruff problem receding fairly rapidly.

Because of its anti-fungal qualities, tea tree oil is highly effective for minimizing the amount of yeast on your scalp, which in turn will do a great deal to minimize your dandruff as well.

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vinegar for dandruff

Vinegar for Dandruff
Ever since man first discovered vinegar, it has been widely and commonly used for a great range of different medicinal purposes. It is extremely effective for dealing with dandruff, because it is rich in potassium and enzymes which will help to prevent an itchy scalp and dandruff.

Apple cider vinegar is believed to stimulate blood circulation in the small capillaries just under the skin, plus it also has the ability to combat bacteria, viruses and the yeast that we have already established as one of the primary causes of dandruff. Also, apple cider vinegar is rich in the alpha-hydroxyl acids that are known to help to break down fatty, oily deposits on the skin, thereby reducing the amount of sebum on which the yeast that causes dandruff feeds.

There are many different ways you can use vinegar, as there are many different types of vinegar that you can use:

    1. Add just enough vinegar to color a bowl of warm water and gently rub the solution into your scalp before going to sleep. Wrap your head in a towel to ensure that the solution does not evaporate or soak away into your pillow. Do this every night for a couple of weeks, and you should start to notice a significant improvement in your dandruff situation.
    2. Mix four tablespoons of white vinegar together with two tablespoons of lemon juice. Gently massage the mixture into your scalp with your fingertips, trying to avoid contact between your fingernails and your hair. Try to use a gentle circular rubbing motion, because this stimulates the blood flow to your scalp which also helps to minimize the likelihood of dandruff developing. Leave the solution on for 30 minutes to one hour before washing it off with a gentle shampoo.
    3. Try mixing vinegar and beetroot juice together before massaging it into the scalp, leaving for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinsing the mixture out. Both of these juices have powerful anti-fungal qualities that can attack the yeast on your scalp which can leads to dandruff if it is left to its own devices.
    4. Mix together one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, two tablespoons of cornmeal or oatmeal and half a cup of grape seed oil. Mix the whole lot together until you have a thick, coagulated paste and then apply the mixture to your scalp by gently massaging it in. Leave the substance on your head for around one hour before rinsing off and shampooing with a gentle, non-medicated shampoo as per normal.


Aloe Vera to Combat Dandruff
Aloe vera is another natural substance that has potent anti-fungal qualities, so applying the substance in gel form to your scalp is another good way of reducing the amount of yeast on your head and in your hair.

Alternatively, you can buy aloe vera juice which you can drink to supplement your normal diet. The juice contains many of the vitamins that you need in order to combat dandruff effectively, including vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, and vitamin E as well as folic acid.

Olive Oil for Dandruff
Olive oil has been used for many centuries to combat a wide range of different medical conditions and it has long been recognized as an effective treatment for severe dandruff. Olive oil contains vitamin E and many other nutrients that are essential for healthy skin, so it is a solution that is worth trying.

Many sources suggest that olive oil becomes even more effective if it is mixed together in equal quantities with almond oil before the mixture is gently massaged into the scalp with the fingertips with gentle circular motions. The mixture should be left on for five to 10 minutes, although if it starts to become uncomfortable or feel like it is beginning to burn (which seems to happen for a very small percentage of people who try this particular solution), you should wash it off immediately.

More home remedies for dandruff

      • Apple tonic – Mix one tablespoon of apple juice with three tablespoons of water and massage the mixture into your scalp three times a week.
      • Coconut oil and lemons – Massage warm pure coconut oil into your scalp and then rub in the juice of two lemons. Steam your hair by placing your head over a bowl of steaming hot water with the steam sealed in with a warm damp towel. After steaming for a few minutes, leave the mixture on your hair for a couple of hours before rinsing off, and repeat two or three times every week.
      • Thyme – Boil five heaping tablespoons of dried thyme in about a pint of water for a period of 10 to 15 minutes. After this, allow the infused liquid to cool before straining the thyme leaves out of the mixture and storing the resulting liquid in a jar. Keep in the fridge and massage the liquid into your scalp three or four times a week, taking care not to rinse the solution out.
      • Baking soda – Baking soda has powerful anti-fungal qualities, so making up a baking soda paste with warm water before applying it to your scalp should help to keep down the yeast which ultimately cause dandruff.
      • Winter melon or ash gourd – Many ayurvedic medicine sites suggest grinding the seeds and skin of Winter melon and then mixing them together with a little warm water before applying the mixture to the scalp can help to control dandruff. This mixture has powerful anti-fungal qualities so that it is effective for keeping yeast at bay.
      • Peanut oil and lemons – Mix the juice of half a lemon with eight teaspoons of peanut oil and rub the mixture into your hair. Leave the mixture on your scalp for 10 to 15 minutes before washing the solution away as normal.
      • Rosemary – Rosemary is the active ingredient in many commercial hair tonics and shampoo which rejuvenates the scalp and keeps the skin healthy. You may be able to buy rosemary oil in a health food shop, but if not, add eight tablespoons of dried rosemary to a pint of boiling water and oil solution to five minutes and then drain the wasted rosemary leaves away. Apply the solution to your scalp and leave on your head for as long as possible.
      • Indian hemp – Indian hemp (also known as dogbane, wild cotton or amy root) is a plant that can be found growing wild throughout North America that can be used to reduce dandruff. Simply crush the plant to extract the juice before applying that juice directly to the scalp. Leave for an hour and then wash off.

Here are so many home remedies for dandruff I hope you can find one that helps without having to use medication that can be harsh on your skin and your body.

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