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Tea Tree Oil Bug Repellent Recipe

This Tea tree oil bug repellent recipe is effective against mosquitoes and an excellent deterrent for ticks and other pests. There are so many tea tree oil uses and can help in many ways, so it’s always good to have some on hand.

Tea Tree Oil Bug Repellent Recipe

Tea Tree Oil Bug Repellent Recipe

Tea tree oil, also known as Melaleuca oil, is a popular essential oil extracted from the Tea tree leaves native to Australia with various skincare uses. This oil is used to soothe inflammation an all-purpose cleaner due to its antiseptic properties. However, tea tree oil has also been used for years as a mosquito and bug repellent, with many enthusiasts preferring it to chemical-based insect repellents.

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Is Homemade Bug Repellent with Tea Tree Oil Effective?

Tree tea oil is a natural bug repellent that has proven to be effective against bugs when used as a repellent on skin. Studies conducted have shown that individuals were less likely to be bitten by insects than individuals without tea tree oil when applied to the skin. It was shown to be more effective than popular chemical insecticides such as DEET. Moreover, due to tea tree oils natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, bug bites are less likely to be irritating, red and inflamed as tea tree oil soothes the skin preventing any annoying itchiness. 

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How do you Use Tea Tree Oil as Bug Repellent?

Tea tree oil can be used as a repellent in many ways. To prevent insects at home, you could rub down tea tree oil mixed in water on cupboards and windows where insects are likely to be or come through. 

To prevent insects from biting you, tea tree oil can be used in conjunction with other oils such as eucalyptus oil or by itself through mixing a few drops into an ounce of olive oil and applying the diluted form on your skin, sleeves and collar. This won’t just keep the bugs away but will offer a pleasant, soothing fragrance that can be used as a natural perfume as well!

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What Kinds of Bugs Does Tea Tree Oil Repel?

Tea tree oil has a proven effect against bed bugs, lice, mosquitos, ticks, flies, bush flies and biting midges, otherwise known as sandflies. This is because the essential oil is a solvent that can soak into an insect, thereby suffocating them, allowing it to work against many different bugs types. In children above 12, diluted tea tree oil can be applied to the hair to kill lice, proving a great alternative to traditional chemical-based lice killing shampoos. 

Tea tree oil can also be used to combat limited bed bug infestations by directly spraying a tea tree oil solution over them. The essential oil is also gaining popularity in animals to relieve them from ticks and flies. Certain dog shampoos contain tea tree oil which is useful to combat ticks, while scientists conducted a test in which cows treated with tea tree oil had 61% fewer flies than untreated cows. 

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Tea Tree Oil Bug Repellent Recipe

There are numerous ways in which you could prepare tea tree oil for use at home. As tea tree oil is a very potent substance, it must be diluted before use on the skin or in the house as a highly concentrated form may lead to irritation and may leave stains on clothes or surfaces it is applied on. A popular homemade recipe to prevent mosquitos and other insects combine these essential oils to form a strong bug repellent that isn’t irritating and stain-free,



  1. Add ingredients to spray bottle and fill almost to the top with filtered water
  2. Shake and apply as needed

Tea tree oil is a powerful bug repellent that can be used in diluted forms on surfaces, clothes, and skin to repel annoying insects to avoid painful and itchy bites. All these oils are without the potential side effects of chemical insecticides, and a fragrant and sweet smell is much more pleasant!

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