Garlic: Best Natural Cold Cure?

Just like so many other people this winter, I have been bitten by the cold bug and it just doesn’t seem to want to go away. It’s been two weeks and there are no signs of it disappearing just yet. I’ve tried as many meds as I can while nursing, I tried my neti pot, which usually works wonders but for some reason can’t break through this sinus congestion. I’ve tried so many home remedies like fresh herbal tea and lots of sleep and nothing works. I’ve even been told to take two garlic halves each day as garlic is antiviral and anti-inflammatory.

Home Remedies Natural Cold Cure

I’d much rather find a home remedy than take a ton of meds so I was psyched to find this out. It makes so much sense, so I took the garlic and while I can’t say I am cured after one day, I do feel better enough to take it again tonight. There are other reasons why garlic supposedly helps cure the common cold.

Read the entire story here at the NY Times.

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