Healthy Meal Planning February 11

I’ve been so sick with this awful head cold and finally got around to taking some garlic for the antiviral and anti-inflammatory benefits. So I haven’t been cooking much, unfortunately for my family! But this weekend I had a bit more energy and was able to cook some good food and do some healthy meal planning for the week. Yay!

Chicken EnchiladasAnnie’s Eats
I used this recipe but due to the lack of tortillas (we had only 3), I made it into a sort of casserole by layering the ingredients. The recipe was really awesome, with homemade enchilada sauce and the chicken cooked in that for the ultimate moist and flavorful meat. Even the cat wanted some and succeeded in knocking the chicken off the counter! Luckily he was only at it for a second but that mischievous tiger cat is always getting into something.

meal two

Chicken Pasta Alfredo
Okay, I cheat a little on this recipe, but during the week with kids it’s the best kind of recipe! I use a jar of Newman’s All Natural Alfredo Sauce and doctor it up. First I chop the chicken and saute it in the pan on high heat. Then I add the sauce, a bay leaf, fresh garlic, fresh broccoli, fresh carrots, peas. Simmer together until veggies are done and then add some cheese on top. Mix with already cooked pasta.

meal three

Moroccan Beef and Potato Gratin

meal four

Baked Cheddar Broccoli Rice Cups
These little cuties are totally kid-friendly and would go great with sauteed brussel sprouts, sweet potato fries, mozzarella sticks, or chicken fingers.

meal five

Quick Red Beans with Tomatoes and Cilantro
This is a wonderful Moroccan dish that can be served in tortillas with cheese. Make cornbread on the side.

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