How to Eat Healthy During Holidays

During the holidays, it’s so hard to say no to those delicious-looking sweets and treats, especially when family and friends are gathered together. There are ways to enjoy a few treats while preventing the dreaded holiday weight gain. Here are some tips on How to Eat Healthy During Holidays.

How to Eat Healthy During Holidays

The holiday season is loved for many reasons, but one that everyone has in common is the food. Many take this time of year to indulge in their favorite treats, overeat and over-drink; a great way to celebrate but not great for your health. It’s possible to enjoy yourself and indulge while still taking steps not to overdo it; don’t think that it means restricting yourself while others revel in the delights of Christmas. Here are some ways to eat healthy during holidays and make sure you stay happy and healthy into the new year.

Don’t starve yourself for a big meal

If you know you’re having a large, heavy meal or a lot to drink later on, have small, lighter meals through the day. Make up some healthy appetizers to keep yourself satiated. Not only will this keep you filled up but it will also keep your metabolism going and help burn off excess calories. Arriving at a party hungry will just make you eat everything you see!

Healthy appetizers for your next party or gathering

Choose healthier ingredients

Choosing healthier alternatives when cooking can make all the difference. Take opportunities to stock up on seasonal vegetables, choose less fatty ingredients with less added salt and sugar. Try swapping your drinks to low-calorie options, chances are no one will even taste the difference.

Try different methods of cooking

Rather than just roasting and frying everything during the holidays, try alternative cooking methods. Steaming your vegetables is quick and easy and also helps the vegetables retain vitamins and nutrients. Get creative with different methods and ingredients and give your celebrations a delicious twist.

If you have a pressure cooker or instant pot, you might try these instant pot recipes here!

Plan ahead to eat healthy during holidays

If you know you’re going to out drinking at a New Year’s Party or something similar, then bring a snack with you. Big nights out like this can leave feeling a bit worse for wear, eating something can help you focus and make sure you enjoy your night. Also plan your meals in advance, if you know you’re over indulging one night have healthier meals in the days leading up to it. Stock up the cupboards with healthy snacks as well, rather than lots and lots of chocolate; having carrot sticks and chopped fruit on-hand are a healthier alternative when temptation hits.

Keep an eye on your alcohol intake

Getting caught up in the celebrations, you tend to lose track of much you’ve been drinking. Not only will a lot of alcohol guarantee a sore head in the morning, but it is pretty fattening too. Like heavy, rich foods try not to indulge in too much alcohol on a regular basis and opt for less calorie options if you can. If you are mixing your drinks, choose diet or low-sugar mixers. You might try healthier mocktails as well!
Fruity Nectarine Seltzer Mocktail Recipe
Cinnamon and Cumin-Infused Cranberry Spritzer Recipe

Don’t be afraid to say no

It is tempting to say yes to extra servings of potatoes and gravy and eat everything offered to you. Don’t feel you have to eat everything presented to you if you are not hungry, no one will be upset! Similarly if you have food leftover on your plate, don’t feel pressured to finish it if you are full, stop eating and save it for later if you want.

Eating Healthy Tips During Holidays

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  1. I think #2 and #4 are ones that I try to do each time. We have made several desserts using healthier ingredients and we always try to bring those to gatherings. That way, we know there will be something there healthy for us to eat. Great tips.

  2. Those are very good tips focusing on balance and moderation. I especially like that you encourage listening to your body cues instead of feeling pressured by others to eat a certain way. That certainly happens to me. I had an eating disorder and now I feel like I need to eat all the things to “prove” I’m recovered, but since I eat healthily and am not used to fried foods and processed sweets, then I feel quite crappy.

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