Healthy Herbal Tea Recipes

Fall is the perfect time for a cup of tea. The weather gets cooler, and it feels so warm and cozy to wrap yourself in a blanket or sweater, and enjoy a hot cup of tea. Here are some healthy herbal tea recipes for home remedies that are perfect for the fall season and will keep your body working against those winter germs.

herbal tea recipes

Healthy Tea Recipes

My grandmother loved herbal tea. She had a cup of tea she was drinking all the time. If it wasn’t hot tea, then it was iced tea. But she loved her hot tea.

Tea time was definitely most specifically mid-afternoon, when my grandpa would come inside from whatever he was working on and the two of them would sit and chat.

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Fall Fruity Spiced Herbal Tea Recipe

This first tea recipe is really great for the fall season, combining a lot of the best flavors and spices for the season. It is going to be a fruity concoction that has some sweetness, and also those fall spices you have grown to love. If you want something with a hint of pumpkin, but you don’t like coffee, this is a great alternative. For the tea, you want to start with any flavor tea you like, though white and black teas are ideal for this variety.

You can then combine the brewed tea with your flavors, like cranberry juice, apple juice, and maybe a bit of lemon or orange juice. Add to that your fall spices like cinnamon, clove, and pumpkin pie spice. Mix it all together into a delicious fall tea.

rooiobos herbal tea recipe with spices

Simple Pumpkin Spice Tea

For a cup of tea that tastes even more like a pumpkin spice latte, you want to leave out all those delicious fruity flavors, and go for the more spiced flavors instead. This is great by starting with a spiced tea like rooiobos, then adding in your pumpkin pie spice, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. You can also add in some vanilla extract and maple syrup if you want to add in more sweetness to it. When you’re done blending your tea, you can choose to add something to make it creamy, like heavy whipping
cream, along with a cinnamon stick at the very end.

chai tea latte herbal tea recipe

Spiced Chai Tea

One of the most popular tea flavors for the fall season is chai tea. It naturally has all those spices you have grown to love during this time of year, but it really is easier than you might think to make. The simplest way to make it is to get chai tea bags, then add in some of your own flavors. Brew your chai tea, then add in a little extra spice, such as cinnamon and some nutmeg on top. If you like a sweeter chai tea, a bit of maple syrup or a little sugar can also be added into your spiced chai tea.

With these teas, you are getting the fall spices you crave, but also the health benefits associated with the many fall spices and the tea leaves themselves.

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slow cooker spiced tea

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