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Healthy Living for Busy Families

Helping families learn how to live healthy and happy while attending to daily demands.

Natural Healthy Living

Let us be your ultimate guide in educating you about leading a healthier lifestyle with natural health solutions, home remedies, and self care habits. Harness the healing power of foods and herbs and start your journey towards a chemical-free and preservative-free life.

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I’m Vicki and I’m so excited to share with you all things healthy and natural to help you live your best life.

Natural Remedies

Home remedies are effective and tend to be more affordable and accessible than their over-the-counter counterparts.

essential oils

Essential Oils

symptoms of too much magnesium tired


lavender cream for eczema


severe magnesium deficiency symptoms


Natural Pest Control

Are insects and other pests invading your yard or home? Instead of reaching for harmful chemicals, consider using safer alternatives and keep your home free of harmful chemicals.

wasp repellent

Wasp Repellent

pantry bugs in flour

Pantry Bugs

Natural Pest Control Treatments

Pest Control Repellents

lemon for bugs

Essential Oils for Pest Control